Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lijadu Sisters - Danger

When i was younger, i often listened to Fela Kuti, floating in his heavy and psychedelic kind of resistance, which moved me then and also years later, on different ways..
Later, unrelated to Kuti, i found a fantastic band, The Raincoats, and this was maybe the best all - girls band i ever heard. Their completely different four albums and fantastic imagination once again changed my already formed opinion what alternative music is.
And then, why today's post? What's connection between this two sisters with whole story? Well, with Kuti, they share same time and same geography - Nigeria. Also, i'm very interested in woman's perception of one obviously very "interesting" state like a NIgeria. And specifically, they deserved place here because, like i said before, best woman's band ever, have stolen a few things exactly from them  :)

Year : 1976                                                                                                Ex - Yu version
Label : Knitting Factory Records
TT :  32:33

Enjoy :)

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