Friday, September 4, 2015

Naked City - Naked City

Dear visitors, here I am again, we can say that I'm back, though not in a big way :) In fact, for a while I stopped with blogging, some of you may have noticed :) The reason was the abolition of Grooveshark, the site which contained music that I played here. I must say that I have not found an adequate solution or a replacement.

However, the desire for this blog still exists, and in that name, I'll have to humble myself and temporarily use YouTube base, which is very bad, i think. Contrary to popular belief that YouTube has it all, my opinion is that there is almost nothing. After all, at least 80% of the album on this blog you can't find there. But, nonetheless, I have to move on, so, for some time i will post what Tube offers, of course, according to my taste :)

And as far for today's post, for Zorn admirers this is an inevitable part of a large and varied career, but for those who don't know who Zorn is, it will be an excursion into something that they could not even imagine :) This powerful blend of rock, jazz, metal and noise, linked with violent strikes of Zorn's saxophone, as well with fantastic assembled team of New York musicians (Fred Frith, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Yamatsuka Eye), makes that music here resists all borders and genre limitations and give to us something completely unique.

Just the way I like :)

Year : 1989                                                                                              Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Elektra
TT : 53:30

Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Grooveshark, once upon a time on internet... :)

For the last few years this blog has been using Grooveshark and its player for sharing the music I write about. If you haven't heard, Grooveshark has suddenly ceased to exist. Not only have they ceased business operations but they've obliterated their players as well.

Therefore, all of the many songs I had posted from Grooveshark over the years on this blog have now simply disappeared.

You'll notice in posts there are just a signs where the missing players are. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jim White - Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See

A strange beast is this Jim White. Starting to make music in the forties, already formed as an author, with a vision of merging traditional and modern, he gave to us a few great, emotionally high and very advanced recorded country - rock albums. Old and new, on Jim White records are connected in one, while the quality of the melody and lyrics always heating up our senses, guaranteeing satisfaction :)

After all, listen to yourself :)

Year : 2004                                                                                              Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Luaka Bop / V2
TT : 1:02:39

Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cabaret Voltaire - The Crackdown

Although somehow sounds tamed, and for some fans it is a selling of their favorite band, this is really just another logical step in the development of the band, in accordance with the then music flows. After all, a million years away from commercial sound, this excellent album, with its twisted logic, constantly make my brain pulsing in rhythm :)

Year : 1983                                                                                             Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Virgin
TT : 1:03:50

Enjoy :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Wet Kojak - Nasty International

If we ask what kind of music is this, I'm not sure we'll come up with some concrete results. Created as an extension of Girls Against Boys, this Washington-based group may be a rock, but it's also the noise, ambiental, or some kind of sonic passage that feels good to my ears. All in all, a thick and murky sound, based more on tension than on the riff.
After all, this is all just theorizing, what is important that I spent an hour in vacuuming and wiping the dust, enjoying, all thanks to this great album :)

Year : 1997                                                                                              Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Touch & Go
TT : 36:58

Enjoy :)