Monday, September 30, 2013

Desert Sessions - Desert Sessions, Vols. 7 & 8

I remember, ten years ago, i was in record store, looking for good music. And then, among other CD's, i saw cover picture, some guy called Mark Lanegan. Picture was red & black and he had drawn devil horns. So, I bough it and went home. And from the first song i was fascinated, what a crazy rock songs, man. It was hard rock, yes, but in the same time it was something much higher, wild and free music. That year, i played this record a lot, slowly revealing spices that gave her such good taste.

And two years after, i find out very funny thing. One of mine favorite records is not even Mark Lanegan record. This CD was side project from some other guy, Josh Homme, and he is the leader of "Queens of the Stone Age" and Lanegan, he is just a guest. Even cover wasn't same... The thing is, in that time there was no original CD's in my country, just pirate copies, maybe somebody couldn't find original cover picture, so, devilish Lanegan finished there to tickles my imagination :)
So, that's how one strange coincidence opened the door to an entirely new world, a door behind which you can find Mark Lanegan, Queens of The Stone Age, Desert Sessions, Eagles of Death Metal, Mondo Generator... Not bad at all :)

Year : 2001                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Southern Rock Records
TT : 39:24

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mark Olson - The Salvation Blues

Whenever i'm down or when i have grey clouds above my head, this is my savior. I throw away all my alternative chains and jump into this wonderful mix of American folk and fragile melodies and i feel just like a simple human being. Sometimes, this is all we need.

Year : 2007                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Hacktone Records
TT : 36:55

Enjoy :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Terry Riley - Les Yeux Fermés / Lifespan [Soundtracks]

The other day, I was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. At the same time, from the other room, although not so loud, began to spread the sound of Terry's album " Les Yeux Fermésf ", slowly beginning to incorporate in my kitchen reality. And suddenly, there was no choice anymore, i was his, completely. He was my flute master and i was his snake. And in that particular moment of slavery, unexpectedly, I felt completely free.
Life is strange, isn't?

Year : 2007                                                                                               Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Elision Fields
TT : 67:15

Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oysterhead - The Grand Pecking Order

If you put together three musicians with completely different background what you will get? Well, there is no right answer to that question. Maybe, one of them will be stronger, like persona, so, it will be his showcase at all. Maybe it will be democracy, everybody gets their part, but this can't be natural. Maybe it will be total chaos and completely forgotten after few years. Or it will be nothing, just a future legend, what could be if...
But, all this answers is just theory and there is no sense in theorizing. However, one thing we can claim : the music here is great and that is all that matters  :)

Year : 2001                                                                                                 Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Elektra
TT : 51:42

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn - Cubist Blues

This is one very unusual rock record. Why? First, mostly because is unusual and second, because it rocks :) After all, what can you expect from record called "Cubist Blues"? Although, not an easy bite, stained with various synth noises, repetitive rhythms and expressive Vega interpretation, this record manages almost impossible. In the same time, it has cold electronic feel and, also, sounds like a dirty Rock 'n' Roll.
Great joy, if you ask me.
But, this is one of the records that you love or you hate. You'll probably hate it, but it's good for your mental health, I read somewhere :P

Year : 1996                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : 2.13.61. / Thirsty Ear
TT : 60:30

Enjoy :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rainer Ptacek - Live at the Performance Center

Every time i play this record, i'm completely lost. One moment i'm dancing, in other i'm nailed with shadow of close death, which slowly drips from Rainer's lips. And then, suddenly occured to me, maybe is this point of life, dance, man, soon you will be nothing.
And i dance.
Like Ptacek himself sing : "The Saddest song i ever heard was so beautiful.... ". So true.

Year : 2000                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Glitterhouse Records
TT : 75:08

Enjoy :)