Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Royal Trux - Accelerator

It is very strange and beautiful record, in the same time straight rock, alternative too and most of all very noisy. We can say that nature is constantly turn of the road. Well, in that case this is very natural record and if you are not too civilized (and i am not saying this as a disadvantage), Royal Trux is part of your tribe, long-lost brothers, maybe :)

Year : 1998                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Drag City
TT : 35:49

Enjoy :) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mark Lanegan Band - Bubblegum

I like this Mark Lanegan album very much. Why? It is typical Lanegan, gloomy, little bit more rock than others. And I like gloomy and i like it when rocks :) There is also one of my favorite singer, P.J. Harvey and his longtime companions from Queens of the Stone Age. And beside that, I like how it sounds.Very primitive sound, muddy, like LP's. Perhaps, I am most attracted with this raw ambient. Lanegan was part of many great music through the years, his talent was obviously recognized. So, there is many chances you already hear this voice. But, if you aren't, here it is..

Lanegan is somewhere on tour right now. So, maybe you can review concert if you like, or give some impression, it will be nice, why not :)

Year : 2004                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Blanco y Negro Records
TT: 48:50

Enjoy :) 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers + Queers [Bonus Tracks]

Well, this is definitely my kind of disco music. Perfect soundtrack for these apocalyptic days of our lives. Dark, psychedelic, aggressive and nihilistic. But, like in real life, nothing is black & white. After all, Jourgenson is very, very funny guy. How i can say something like that? Just play this and you will see :)

Year : 1990                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Tvt / Wax Trax!
TT : 78:14

Enjoy :) 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale

In my salad days i started with heavy metal. Later, i dismiss this genre completely (except Slayer, maybe). I wanted different kind of heaviness, something real. I'll remember Iggy Pop concert, during the nineties, he always had some heavy metal guys for his supporting band. By default they should be dangerous, yes? Motorbikes, tatoos, Satan, leather, etc. They may be dangerous, but old Iggy is nuclear bomb. And during the whole concert, his own band run away from him like rabbits. It was very funny to me. So ..... metal is for girls, not heavy at all :) But, in those metal days i had Stevie Wonder's LP "Talking book" on my wall, from my parents, probably. And, I went in, suspiciously, and discovered a whole new world. From that time i'm into more complex picture and lot of thing is passed through my ears (with very strict criteria, i must say).
And what about today's post? Today's post is simply elegant :)

Year : 1974                                                                                               Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Motown
TT : 42:33
Enjoy :)