Thursday, April 3, 2014

Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation - Mighty ReArranger

Robert Plant, regardless of the demands of the time, the market and the development of production, during his long career managed something very difficult. The result of his work has always been authentic, and at the same time he respected all of the above requirements ....
Such an attitude toward work, at least for me, deserves a lot of respect in the first place, because those who have managed to achieve his whole career without any qualitative downs, there are very few. Most of losing at least a decade, failing to cope with the demands of time ... The only person I can think of, who did it successfully, is Martin Scorsese, although he's from the world of movies ...

After all, keeping in mind that Plant is sixty years old, just listen to how this album sounds. Modern, very adventurous and very strong :)

Year : 2005                                                                                                 Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Sanctuary
TT : 54:14

Enjoy :)

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