Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Betty Davis - Nasty Gal

If somebody asks me, who I am afraid, well, maybe, just maybe, i will say miss. Betty Davis :)
I mean, listen to her, she can disintegrate my whole personality with just one scream, man.. And, if you add hardest variant of  "Sly and the Family Stone" sound to her aggressive personality, what you will get? Pure force ....

Year : 1975                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : MPC Limited
TT : 40:30

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Material - Seven Souls

All Bill Laswell's signature sounds are here, massive bass lines, pulsating rhythm, dark atmosphere, ambiental parts, mysticism, third world singers, even some heavy metal riffs, all in one place. Lyrically, this is William S. Burroughs show and he do it very well and convincingly. And if you ask me, this is my kind of world music, strongly influenced by world's psychedelic and primitive sounds, but this is a genre by itself. World music genre is very popular today, only problem is adjustment to western market, like MTV sound, love and positivism, but basically, world music is very dark and psychedelic. At least they should represent both sides..We humans are much more complex than that. Or not?
Anyway, enough with the talking, lower your blinds, Material and Burroughs are ready to dive deep in human subconscious, don't miss that ride :)

Originally, album starts from fourth song here, this is later edition which included remixes. So, you can choose... :)

Year : 1989                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija                                               
Label : Triloka
TT : 63:28

Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo

Omar Rodríguez-López is guitarist and composer in very explosive rock band, The Mars Volta, and they gave us some superb albums, very complex and psychedelic vision of hard rock. And this particular album, Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo, his third solo album is very similar to Mars Volta albums, except one thing. It's lighter in sound, not very much, but it is. I mean, it's summer, it's too hot already, and we can't concentrate on everything. And if you are careless and leave your speakers too loud, Volta will knock you on the wall and you will spend rest of your life in 2D :) So, this is more appropriate for lazy summer days (naturally, there is always chance that is winter in your country :)
Ok, that's all i need to say, because i'm going for a swim right now, man, i don't even now what i'm lookin here anymore....

Year : 2007                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Gold Standard
TT : 44:59
Enjoy :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Little Axe - Champagne & Grits

Blues is huge music form, but somehow is based on cover songs and rarely sound fresh, just goes around. I don't say it's not good, just, there is too many blues records and i always had problems with genre-specific music. Music, for me, is much wider term. And Little Axe? Well, obviously, they think similar. And result is one of greatest blues record, and it even don't sound like real blues. It's not strange because it's recorded by first class alternative musicians, but music is very commercial, blues with updated production, made by dub and reggae master Adrian Sherwood....
And just because we have these opposites we can hear nothing less than magic. So, don't miss it, it is future classic :)

Year : 2004                                                                                                 Ex - Yu verzija
Label : RealWorld/CEMA / Real World Records
TT : 53:20

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diamanda Galás - La Serpenta Canta

If you mix anachronistic music genre like blues with singer Diamanda Galas, what you get? Pure Diamanda Galas :) I can tell many things about Diamanda, she is very interesting persona, but, i leave judgment to you. Only one thing i must tell, hold on tight to your chair  :)

Year : 2003                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Mute
TT : 79:59

Enjoy :)