Saturday, February 18, 2012

Victoria Williams - Loose

This album is so fantastic, words can't help here. Victoria is very strange girl, I can say. By genre, this is Americana, but this is million miles from everything, unique voice in music. Today is the pop time, sweet, nice songs on every corner, even alternative music is pop. It is very boring if you ask me, but I must accept that. Victoria is also Goddess in that context. There are so many beautiful songs on “Loose”. So, if you want drive with her, just jump in car, she is very, very good driver on the way to your new sensibility.

Year : 1994                                                                                                  Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Mammoth
TT : 60:23

Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Robert Fripp - Exposure

Finally, I'm back. Time is a mystery and there is so many things where you can spend it, and blogging is not on my top ten list, i must admit :) But, here it is, Robert Fripp, ladies and gentlemen.. This is classic album from Fripp's mind, i think. Everything is here. You like explosion? Sometimes, this is very aggressive record. You like beautiful songs? Fripp also. Do you like King Crimson? Their signature guitar sound is all around, even some ironic lyrics is here (Fripp is Englishman, in the end). So, put headphones and go for a walk. Where, you ask? Well, goal is already with you.

Year : 1979                                                                                               Ex - Yu verzija
Label : EG Records
TT : 46:28

Enjoy :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jon Hassell - City: Works of Fiction

Do you like to travel and explore? Well, this is exact description of today’s post. Mysterious, very dark and strange, this record is traveling ticket straight to the Fourth World. And it is very cheap for what you get, completely new way of looking. Or maybe it’s old way? Because this sound come directly from human subconscious, which is, you must agree, much older from today’s "civilized" way of thinking. Let's go backwards little, future is coming certainly, you will not miss it.

Year : 1990                                                                                                Ex - Yu version
Label : United States of Distribution
TT : 56:06

Enjoy :)