Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Loop - A Gilded Eternity

The question is should we even theorize about this strong, repetitive and riff oriented album of British band "Loop". Its purpose is very primitive and extremely simple, you just need to unscrew it very loud :)
There is a saying " Still waters run deep." Now, what does it matter? There is nothing still in this album, nor has to do with water .. So, what i wanted to emphasize with this counter example is (at least in this case) needlessness of any allusion. I only wanted to say that raw power is, by definition, incontinent and that is "A Gilded Eternity", just a nice example of a factual situation :)

This is the original version of the album, which is available only on vinyl and don't contain bonus tracks, the one I prefer  :)

Year : 1990                                                                                              Ex - Yu verzija               
Label : Ractor
TT : 41:41

Enjoy :)

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