Monday, March 24, 2014

Calexico - Carried to Dust

Joe Burns and John Convertino explores the possibilities of sound for nearly thirty years, and, i believe, they visited all of its fields. Also, it can be said that the quality of their work is no longer questionable...
So, the only thing we can discuss here is the relationship between the audience and their music. And if we explore relationship between this album and its consumers, and if we measure how many times a person can say, "Well, this is great" every time after  listen to it, the average score so far is infinite :) Now, you can say that i'm speaking nonsense, nothing is so good, but your argument in the present is totally negligible. So, contact me for a  twenty years approximately :)

If you did not understand, timeless music :)

Year : 2008                                                                                                 Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Quarterstick
TT : 45:16

Enjoy :)

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