Tuesday, August 19, 2014

James Brown - The Payback

Knowing several live albums of James Brown, I realized that I mostly dissatisfied with them. While undoubtedly made of the great songs, I had objections, in the first place, with rarely changing repertoire, and for me never quite clear thing, completely ignoring songs from this fantastic album, which as a whole is definition of hypnotic funk ... You know, maybe the audience expected always the same hits, but I'm not interested in it at all. After all, there is the question of why anyone even record that huge amount of songs,  without giving them a chance to live ..
Basically, pandering to the audience, as for me, Is just tapping in one place and i have no motive to see artist on concert again. But, does that means you do not need to listen to this wild album? On the contrary, it should be consumed in large quantities :)

Year : 1973                                                                                               Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Polydor
TT : 72:52

Enjoy :)

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