Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nearly God / Tricky - Nearly God

I saw Tricky twice. First time, in year 1997, and i remember it was very strong concert, it was almost rock, based heavily on bass playing. Before that concert, i heard rumours that Tricky wanted heavy metal group "Prong" for opening act, well, i didn't saw any connection here. After concert my conclusion was that Tricky just wanted to blow up some, by reputation, heavier band, and he did it succesfully. Second time, it was year 2010, and it was 100% disaster :) Band was playing sloppy, Tricky wasn't interested at all, and main sound creator was keyboardist who played some boring prog rock phrases, it was his concert all the way. I looked half concert and dissapeared into the night life of my capital city. So, what to expect from Tricky live? I don't know, after all his name is Tricky, but i'm not sure how i like that kind of  character :)
But, i'm not nobody's  judge, and his records always varied from great to good, and sometimes they're really blow my mind. And this particulary record, "Nearly God", is something i'm really enjoyed, very dark and slow, with some kind of sticky athmosphere, like shadow record of his first LP " Maxinequaye".
So, just stop think, wait after midnight hours and dive deep, strange and murky world waiting for you down there :)

Year : 1996                                                                                                 Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Universal Music
TT : 51:37

Enjoy :)