Sunday, March 11, 2012

John Zorn - The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone (15th Anniversary Edition)

I always tought about Zorn like one of the greatest. And Morricone? Well, with his significant sound, he is deeply in world's subconscious by now. I watched “Once upon a time in the West” few days ago, that is perfect movie. Leone and Morricone made peace of art, raw model for present art. You can say: "It is classic", but once upon a time it was the universe with its own rules. Just like today's post. Morricone for 21st Century.

Year : 1985                                                                                                Ex - Yu verzija
Label : Tzadik records
TT : 74:39


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for the share. This is a tangent in my quest to compile everything Morricone. Looks interesting.

  2. Well, man, I'm glad I could help in your quest, it's nice to hear something like that. So, I hope you enjoyed it, Zorn is a little unusual :P