Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jon Hassell - City: Works of Fiction

Do you like to travel and explore? Well, this is exact description of today’s post. Mysterious, very dark and strange, this record is traveling ticket straight to the Fourth World. And it is very cheap for what you get, completely new way of looking. Or maybe it’s old way? Because this sound come directly from human subconscious, which is, you must agree, much older from today’s "civilized" way of thinking. Let's go backwards little, future is coming certainly, you will not miss it.

Year : 1990                                                                                                Ex - Yu version
Label : United States of Distribution
TT : 56:06

Enjoy :)


  1. very thankful for your effort.beautiful hassell music.big thanx from patagonia,possibly the best place to listen to this....

  2. I'm glad you like it. Well, if this is best soundtrack for your place, i'll catch next train to Patagonia :)